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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

We're cool, oh yeah, we're cool

A ContractsProf, The World's Foremost Web Provider of Odd Nuggets of Stuff Primarily of Interest to People Who Teach Contract Law,tm has once again made the list of the top law-professor-edited legal blogs in this quadrant of the Milky Way.  Kudos to all!

Okay, yeah, we finished 35th out of the 35 blogs who made the list, but academics like us don't put much stock in those kinds of cheap comparisons, do we?  I mean, at least we made the list, unlike, say, ChampertyMaintenanceandBarratryProf 

Did you notice, though, that with only four o us posting here we pulled in 144,235 visitors over the past year, which is only about 16,000 visitors less than the ENTIRE FREAKING UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO FACULTY on its Faculty Blog?   Uh-huh!  Uh-huh!

Of course, Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit had 110 million visitors last year and there's only one of him.  So did we mention that academics like us don't put much stock in these kind of trivial comparisons?

[Frank Snyder]

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