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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Now in Print (Hither and Yon Combined)


A number of interesting-looking pieces have made their way over the transom in recent weeks; and, now that spring break is upon me (yeah!), and several outside promotion and tenure reviews are behind me (yeah!!), I have time to pass news of these items along to you.

I am also combining recent U.S.-based and recent non-U.S. publications on the theory that my annoyance at otherwise well-researched books and articles published outside the U.S. for not citing relevant works in U.S. publications might be more righteous if I stopped segregating the lists of new publications.

Allan Beever, Agreements, Mistakes, and Contract Formation, 20 King's L.J. 21 (2009).

Robert B. Bennett, Jr., Trade Usage and Disclaiming Consequential Damages: The Implications of Just-in-Time Purchasing, 46 Am. Bus. L.J. 179 (2009).

J. Zach Burt, Comment, Playing the "Wild Card" in the High-Stakes Game of Urban Drilling: Unconscionability in the Early Barnett Shale Gas Leases, 15 Tex. Wesleyan L. Rev. 1 (2008).

Gilles Cuniberti, Beyond Contract -- The Case for Default Arbitration in International Commercial Disputes, 32 Fordham Int'l L.J. 417 (2009).

Francesco Giglio, Pseudo-Restitutionary Damages: Some Thoughts on the Dual Theory of Restitution for Wrongs, 22 Can. J.L. & Juris. 49 (2009).

Will Hendrick, Comment, Pay or Play?: On Specific Performance and Sports Franchise Leases, 87 N.C. L. Rev. 504 (2009).

Allen Kamp, No Compensation for Slave Traders: Some Implications, 14 Tex. Wesleyan L. Rev. 289 (2008).

Pedro Barasnevicius Quagliato, The Duty to Negotiate in Good Faith, 50 Int'l J.L. & Mgmt. 213 (2008).

Adam Ship, The Primacy of Expectancy in Estoppel Remedies: An Historical and Empirical Analysis, 46 Alberta L. Rev. 77 (2008).

Dan Jerker B Svantesson, Codifying Australia's Contract Law -- Time for a Stocktake in the Common Law Factory, 20 Bond L. Rev. 92 (2008).

Joel Rothstein Wolfson, An Intellectual Property Lawyer's Reading of UCC ยง 2-312, 126 Banking L.J. 141 (2009).

[Keith A. Rowley]

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