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Monday, January 12, 2009

Is Law Her Strong Suit or Is She Bluffing?

Gowan In what appears to be an exclusive, reports that Full Tilt Poker has filed a motion to dismiss a law suit brought in November by former Full Tilt employee and professional poker player, Clonie Gowan (pictured, sporting Full Tilt logos). According to Gowan's Wikipedia entry, Full Tilt is an online poker site based in Aruba. Gowan's suit alleges that she was promised 1% ownership of Tiltware, the company that provides Full Tilt's software, in return for promoting Full Tilt as a celebrity representative. Since Gowan estimates Tiltware's value at $4 billion, her suit seeks $40 million in damages.

Gowan's claim seems to be based on an oral agreement entered into in 2004. The relationship soured in 2007 when Gowan, according to the suit, was excluded from a payment made to all members of the Full Tilt team. She entered negotiations with Full Tilt, which offered her $250,000, but she rejected that offer as inadequate. She was dropped from Full Tilt's "roster of pros" in November 2008, and the suit followed. The suit names a number of Gowan's professional poker rivals. One of these rivals is quoted in the report saying, in a manner rather flushed, that he did not appreciate Gowan's conduct and that she should go straight back whence she came before her entire career collapsed like a house of cards.

[Jeremy Telman]

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