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Monday, December 15, 2008

Terri Hatcher Is a Woman of the Highest Integrity

Teri_hatcher All Headline News reports that last year, cosmetics maker Hydroderm accused Terri Hatcher (pictured) of endorsing other products while under contract to endorse its anti-aging products exclusively.  One would have to wonder about a person who would have to endorse, according to the original accusations, 22 different anti-aging products.  Fortunately, it was all just one of those bizarre misunderstandings.  Hydroderm has now apologized to Ms. Hatcher and withdrawn its lawsuit, reported on in People Magazine here, in which it sought the return of $2.4 million paid to Ms. Hatcher as an endorsement fee.

Now, Hydroderm is making up with Hatcher, praising her as a "woman of the highest integrity."  That may well be true, but she'll always be Lois Lane to me.  Ahhh, Terri, in those days, even Lex Luthor armed with Kryptonite couldn't make you age!

[Jeremy Telman]

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