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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Contracts Issues in the Canadian Television Series "Slings and Arrows"

Here is a wholly inadequate trailer for the brilliant Canadian series, "Slings and Arrows."

I cannot begin to tell you how tremendous this series is. Let me put it this way. Today is December 31st. If you are sitting there thinking that you have not made the most of this year; if you are thinking "Look how low I've slunk -- it's New Years Eve and I have nothing better to do than read the Contracts Prof Blog!" -- well this is your chance to make up for it. You can turn your entire year around by simply putting "Slings and Arrows on your Netflix queue. Or, if you are not a Netflix person, you can just watch the series on YouTube. Season I, Episode I can be found here. You have been reading this blog for a reason, and this is it.

Oh, I am obliged to say that there are contract issues in Season 3 (towards the end, and they're not really that important to the plot, but they give me a hook).

[Jeremy Telman]

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