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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Tagged... We're It...

Torts Prof Blog tags us with this meme: (1) identify five non-law blogs that you find interesting, and (2) tag five law-bloggers to do the same thing. I've never been a big fan of chain letters, and this internet meme thing is quite reminiscent of all the promised postcards that I never received. As superstition would have it, I'll participate.

I won't purport to speak for all of us here, and encourage my co-bloggers to chime in. Leaving off the regular rotation of political gossip blogs, here are my top five non-law blogs, which tend to be either technological or NY centric:

(1) Gothamist: "NYC news, food, arts & events"
(2) Curbed: NYC real estate
(3) Lifehacker: "tips and downloads for getting things done"
(4) Eater: NYC restaurants
(5) Engadget: technology / gadgets

I tag:

(1) the unflappable Prof. McGaugh at Millennial Law Prof
(2) the rocking Matt Lerner at NY Civil Law
(3) the inimitable Prof. Kotkin, blogista at clinicians with not enough to do
(4) the fearless solo, Carolyn Elefant, at My Shingle
(5) the best friend of man's best friend, Adam Karp, at Animal Law Blog

You're it!

[Meredith R. Miller]

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