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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Verizon/Google Deal

VerizonWhat do you get when you cross the number 2 wireless communications provider with the number 1 internet search engine? According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon is hoping to get "a wide-ranging partnership" and "a much-needed jolt for the anemic mobile search business."

The deal would make Google the default search provider on Verizon devices in return for a share of ad revenue. The advantage is that Verizon users could find all the information they are looking for -- from contracts-related ring tones to contracts outlines -- in one spot.

Rumor has it that Verizon phones would eventually come with Google bars on the home screen. Frankly, I'd rather have a phone that came with a mini bar, but perhaps I'm a bit old school.

[Jeremy Telman]

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