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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special Commemorative Poem

Biohazard This past week, I have been occupied with sewage problems at home.  The sewer line coming out of my house pulled away from the house and was also damaged in other ways that were discovered only after a man who proved himself most talented with a compact excavator dug up our front yard (but only as much as necessary to expose the damaged sewage line).  This lowered my spirits, but is perhaps evidence of Karma, since I had it coming to me, having composed this Limerick.

My co-blogger, Meredith Miller, lifted my spirits with Tuesday's post, and since I am still recovering from the disruption caused by the sewage leak and don't have time for a serious post, an extra bit of poetry will have to do.  This is an old poem that I wrote for a friend in order to persuade her to have lunch with me at Al Yeganeh's Soup Kitchen International.  These soups (and Al) became famous because of the Seinfeld Soup Nazi episode.  My own experiences were nowhere near as dramatic as Seinfeld led me to expect (although my assistant was denied soup once), and the soup was better than I ever could have imagined.  One does indeed need to eat it sitting down because it is so good it makes one's knees buckle. 

Anyway, here's the poem:

An Invitation to Soup
(for Saima)

I'm truly delighted
To have been invited
To dine at Cosi with you.

But I say without malice
It's a Eurotrash palace;
I'd rather select from the stew,

Bisque or broth
Served up by the Goth*
With diction both clear and correct.

Though glib paparazzi
Have dubbed him "Soup Nazi,"
His recipes earn him respect.

*Al is a "Goth," if at all, only in that I can easily imagine him hanging with those people who wear black clothing, paint their fingernails black and have a generally bleak outlook.

[Jeremy Telman]

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