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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Another Plug for The Slippery Slope

Cart_tranThis time, I think I need not ask forgiveness for a shameless plug for my new podcast project, The Slippery Slope. While the project features general interest, law-related conversations on a wide variety of topics, the most recent episode actually does touch upon a topic near and dear to the heart of ContractsProf Blog: the sale of goods -- on the street, that is. Here's information about the most recent podcast, which you can listen to or download here:

This podcast features a conversation with attorney Sean Basinski, described by New York Magazine as the "César Chávez of Hot-Dog Stands." Sean is the founder and Director of the Street Vendor Project (which is affiliated with the Urban Justice Center). Upon graduating from law school, Sean received a Yale Initiative for Public Interest Law Fellowship to start the project. His inspiration came from his own 9-month stint selling Mexican food from a pushcart on Park Avenue and 52nd Street in Manhattan.

Topics include: street vendor demographics, permit and licensing requirements, common misconceptions about New York City street vendors, where the carts go at the end of the day, and the amount of street food Sean consumes.

[Meredith R. Miller]

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