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Monday, March 17, 2008

Ted Nugent Update

Nugent As we previously reported, a Michigan appellate court awarded Ted Nugent $60,000 in contract damages after the Muskegon Summer Celebration (MSC) retracted an invitation to Mr. Nugent to perform at the Celebration in 2003. 

Last week, reported that, after a dispute over whether or not the judgment had actually been paid, MSC's attorneys filed a motion asking the judge to enter a satisfaction of judgment, since Nugent's attorney had not done so.  Perhaps, Nugent and his attorneys were paralyzed.  Or maybe it was just a case of cat scratch fever.  In any case, apparently hoping to avoid a legal free for all or another trip to the dog eat dog world of litigation in the state where one might find the Motor City madhouse Nugent's attorneys apparently released their stranglehold on the satisfaction of judgment and permitted the litigation to be terminated.

[Jeremy Telman]

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