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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Teaching Transactional Contracts Law

GoldmanOur faculty, like the faculty at many law schools, is engrossed in the Carnegie report on legal education.  Meanwhile, the contracts law professors listserv is bubbling with interesting ideas about integrating practical drafting and transactional skills training into the first-year contracts curriculum.  The result is a doubled heightening of my awareness of my own inadequacies as a contracts professor.  Oh well.

As long as I'm wallowing . . . . I came across Eric Goldman's recent publication "Integrating Contract Drafting Skills and Doctrine."  It's short enough that even I can read it.  Here's the abstract:

This Essay is based on my remarks at the "Teaching Writing and Teaching Doctrine: A Symbiotic Relationship?" conference at Brooklyn Law School, February 2006. The Essay discusses the benefits and challenges of integrating the teaching of contract drafting skills and doctrine. The Essay then discusses some ways I have accomplished this integration.

[Jeremy Telman]

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