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Friday, March 21, 2008

Duke Bows to Pressure: Dehydrates Students

Coke  The Duke Chronicle reports that Duke University removed water dispensers from campus dormitories because their presence violated the terms of a 10-year contract between Duke Dining Services and the Coca-Cola Company.  Under the terms of the agreement, only Coca-Cola products may be dispensed on campus, and the water in question was a flavored product, apparently produced by one of Coca-Cola's competitors. 

One Duke freshman was unable to quench her thirst: . "I was upset because I don't want to drink soda and it was a nice in-between alternative from soda at every meal, but now that that's gone there aren't many options left."  Others were unmoved by the change: "I don't see the point in paying for water that's flavored and doesn't even taste that much better.  I just don't like it."


Now, Duke's Director of Dining Services Jim Wulforst is facing the biggest crisis of his administration.  The Duke Chronicle provides a picture of a smiling, relaxed Mr. Wulforst, obviously taken in happier times: "We're at a crossroads right now, and we're trying to figure out how to bring the product back without violating the contract," he said. "It just can't be a fountain system attached to the existing Coke system." 

Yeah, that's what he says now, but what were those drinks doing there in the first place?  Duke students want to know, "What did you know, Wulforst, and when did you know it?"

Here's my legal opinion:  Flavored water is gross.

[Jeremy Telman]

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