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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Writers Ratify Strike Settlement

Writers_strike_2 The Associated Press reports that 93.6% of the members of the Writers Guild of America voted to ratify a three-year contract with Hollywood movie and television companies, thus ending the tragic writers' strike.  Only 4.060 of the 10,500 Guild members affected by the strike actually voted on the contract ratification, but as Jon Vitti, author of the incomparable "Lisa's Substitute" episode for The Simpsons, knows, voting's for geeks.*

Prediction: stylish writers will be sporting strike beards again in Hollywood and New York City in 2011.

[Jeremy Telman]

*In the episode in question, Bart challenges Martin for the office of class president.  Martin offers a school library featuring the ABC of science fiction; Bart promises more asbestos in the classroom.  Martin argues that a vote for Bart is a vote for anarchy; Bart counters that a vote for Bart is a vote for anarchy.  As the election approaches just before recess, Mrs. K. offers Martin the opportunity for one final campaign speech.  Martin, sweating, shaking and looking pale, can't think of anything more to say.  Bart announces a victory party under the slide.  As Bart is passing out celebratory cupcakes during recess, he asks Nelson if he voted.  "Nahh, voting's for geeks," says Nelson.  "You got that right," says Bart.  Martin wins the election by a vote of 2-0.

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