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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Trouble for Hoosier Hoops

Iu The NCAA has alleged that Indiana University men's basketball coach, Kelvin Sampson, lied to NCAA investigators and violated NCAA rules.  What he allegedly lied about was impermissible phone contacts with potential recruits for his team. 

Samspon is quoted by ESPN as denying the allegations, but nobody seems to be buying it.  The general tone of the media reports,such as this one in the Los Angeles Times is that Sampson is "a dead man walking."  The Times report continues that, according to his contract, Sampson can be suspended pending termination if IU Athletic Director Rick Greenspan recommends such actions to IU President Michael McRobbie based on a finding of "a significant, intentional or repetitive violation" of NCAA rules.  Sampson has a right of appeal to McRobbie in the case of such a recommendation.  The Star Tribune reports that there is serious concern on IU's part that Sampson could challenge such a termination and seek to recover at least the $2.5 million in base pay remaining on his employment contract.

On the upside, I hear Bobby Knight is available.

[Jeremy Telman]

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