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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Media Finally Recognize Prawfs' Rock Star Status

Talk about burying the lead!  National Public Radio's report, "Singing Law Professor Rocks the Classroom" begins by noting that Contracts "can be one of the most tedious, dry and dreaded classes that first-year law students have to take."  Well, Contracts probably ranks in the top ten of such classes, but since students only take about eight classes in the first year, and all of them are more tedious, dry and dreaded than contracts, NPR is hardly going to win a Pulitzer for its reporting.  And then, next to a photo of Boston University's Mark Pettit "channel[ing] his inner Tom Petty," the report describes Professor Pettit as a "tweedy, balding buttoned-up kind of guy."  I smell a set-up.

Returning to reality, NPR's coverage then goes on to explain how Pettit wins hearts and minds by performing various contracts-themed compositions to the tune of popular songs.  Pettit thus wins accolades as students' favorite professor and contributes to Boston University's reputation as a great teaching law school because of its "quirky professors who make class more interesting." 

The website linked to above also includes a link to recordings of some of Professor Pettit's contracts songs.  An exclusive release of his complete oeuvre through K-Tel records is in the works, according to my sources.

By the way, lest you think Professor Pettit is a Dance 10, Looks 3 type, we remind our readers that the Blog has also recently noted his quality scholarship.

[Jeremy Telman]

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