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Monday, November 19, 2007

Is A-Rod's Contract Rational?

Arod Congratulations to Alex Rodriguez (left) on his third MVP award.  It is well-deserved. 

According to press reports, Rodriguez has quipped that he and the New York Yankees are in the "bottom of the fifth inning" in their negotiations on his new contract, which is reported to be a 10-year, $275 million deal.  Huh?  Ten years?!?  Rodriguez is the best, no doubt about that, but he just completed his 14th season.  He's 32.  Will even the Yankees want to be paying A-Rod $27.5 million when he is 42, or even 39?  Don't the Yankees really need pitching and can they afford to get it if they're saddled with obligations to A-Rod?  And will anybody want A-Rod in New York if he can't deliver a title?  And unless A-Rod can alternate between 98-mph fastballs and knee-buckling curveballs, I don't see any deliveries heading towards the Bronx.

I suspect that there are many things that I do not understand about such contract negotiations.  The main thing I don't understand is why the Cubs are not trying to grab A-Rod.  Even I can easily understand what it would do for the Cubs' line-up if A-Rod joined the Cubs: Soriano, Any Shmoe Who Can Hit .280, D. Lee, A-Rod, Aramis Ramirez, etc.  That's a scary line-up.  But the Cubs have said they are not interested in A-Rod because they like Ramirez at third.  But can't A-Rod also play short?  I'm just asking. . . .  Are the Cubs really saying that they can't make room on their roster for a three-time MVP and future Hall-of-Famer because they're building their middle infield around Ryan Theriot?

The other thing I don't understand is why the Yankees are offering A-Rod $275 over ten years when no other team seems ready to offer A-Rod a deal anything like that.  The San Francisco Giants have stated that signing A-Rod would be "a reach."  It seems like the only other team seriously interested is the Angels, and I haven't seen any reports about the Angels throwing the kind of money at A-Rod that the Yankees are talking about.  The Red Sox have been conspicuously absent from all the A-Rod talk, so against whom are the Yankees actually bidding?

[Jeremy Telman]

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