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Monday, October 8, 2007

Weekly Top Ten

Ssrn Major turnover in the rankings this week, with a new Number One and six new entries on the charts. Following are the Top 10 most-downloaded new papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the 90 days ending October 7, 2008.  (Last week's rank in parentheses.)

1 (2) Explaining the Spread of At-Will Employment as an Inter-Jurisdictional Race-to-the-Bottom of Employment Standards, Richard A. Bales (No. Kentucky).

2 (4) Anti-Social Contracts: The Contractual Governance of Online Communities, Joshua Fairfield (Indiana-Bloomington).

3 (5) Renting the Good Life, Jim Hawkins (Independent).

4 (-) Securitization and Its Discontents: The Dynamics of Financial Product Development, Kenneth C. Kettering (New York LS).

5-tie (10) Morality, Social Norms and Rule of Law as Transaction Cost-Saving Devices: The Case of Ancient Athens, Anastassios Karayiannis (Piraeus) & Aristides N. Hatzis (Athens-Philosophy).

5-tie (-) Utility and Rights in Common Law Reasoning: Rebalancing Private Law Through Constitutionalization, Hugh Collins (London School of Economics).

7 (-) A Study of Interest, John Y. Gotanda (Villanova).

8 (-) Arbitral Jurisdiction and the Dimensions of Consent, Alan Scott Rau (Texas).

9 (-) Behavioral Law and Economics, Paternalism, and Consumer Contracts: An Empirical Perspective, Joshua D. Wright (Geo. Mason).

10 (-) Nonbanks in the Payments System: Vertical Integration Issues, Nicholas Economides (NYU-Business).

[Frank Snyder]

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