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Monday, October 1, 2007

In the News: October 1, 2007

Aa The widow of a firefighter killed while working for the U.S. government will try to take her claim to the U.S. Supreme Court, after an appellate court ruled that her husband was a contract worker not entitled to regular government benefits.

United Parcel Service and the Teamsters Union have reached a deal that will allow the company to exit the Teamster’s multiemployer bargaining unit and get greater control over its pension costs.

Seattle SuperSonics season-ticket holders say they’ll sue the team for breach of contract, claiming they wouldn’t have bought the tickets if they’d known the team would leave at the end of the year.

Netherlands’ Boskalis Westminster and Korea’s Hyundai have signed a € 1.1 billion letter of intent to for work on a new offshore harbor in Abu Dhabi.

A private investigator is suing Joe (GoodFellas), Home Alone) Pesci for $103,000 in bills the investigator says he’s owed for helping provide security for the actor after his ex-wife allegedly hired a hit man.

The government of Alberta is thinking about unilaterally increasing the amount of royalties it collects under its existing leases with oil producers.

If you bought gold back in inflation-racked 1980, you didn’t get much protection -- the price of the yellow stuff today hit $746.50, the same price you paid for it 28 years ago.  That $746 in 1980 is worth only $305 today.

[Frank Snyder]

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Weekly Top Ten

Ssrn Two new papers hit the list this week, both of them taking a philosophical approach to the subject. Following are the 10 most-downloaded new papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the 60 days ending September 23, 2007. (Last week's rank in parentheses.)

1 (1) Usury Law, Payday Loans, and Statutory Slight of Hand: An Empirical Analysis of American Credit Pricing Limits, Christopher Lewis Peterson (Florida).

2 (2) Explaining the Spread of At-Will Employment as an Inter-Jurisdictional Race-to-the-Bottom of Employment Standards, Richard A. Bales (No. Kentucky).

3 (3) Consumer Protection in the United States: An Overview, Spencer Weber Waller & Jillian G. Brady (Loyola-Chicago).

4 (7) Anti-Social Contracts: The Contractual Governance of Online Communities, Joshua Fairfield (Indiana-Bloomington).

5 (6) Renting the Good Life, Jim Hawkins (Independent).

6 (8) The Other Side of the Picket Line: Contract, Democracy, and Power in a Law School Classroom, Richard Michael Fischl (Connecticut).

7 (9) A Positive Law Theory of Contract, Fergus Farrow (Victorian Bar).

8 (-) Aboutness, Thingness, Models, and Understanding: A Pragmatic Ontology of Formal Systems in Law, Jeffrey M. Lipshaw (Suffolk).

9 (10) Consent and Exchange, Oren Bar-Gill (NYU) & Lucian Arye Bebchuk (Harvard).

10 (-) Morality, Social Norms and Rule of Law as Transaction Cost-Saving Devices: The Case of Ancient Athens, Anastassios Karayiannis (Piraeus) & Aristides N. Hatzis (Athens-Philosophy).

[Frank Snyder]

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Radio Clips: Groucho on Alternative Defenses

Aab_2     Waldorf T. Flywheel: Any mail this morning?
    Miss Dimple:  Yes, there's a letter from the typewriter company. They say you haven't paid for the typewriter yet.
    Flywheel:  Why should I pay for the typewriter? You're the only who uses it.
    Dimple:  But Mr. Flywheel, I --
    Flywheel:  Never mind, take a letter to those cheap chiselers. Ah . . . Gentlemen . . . I never ordered that typewriter . . . If I did, you didn't send it . . . If you sent it, I never got it . . . If I got it, I paid for it . . . And if I didn't, I won't. Best regards

                 "Flywheel Shyster & Flywheel"
                 Esso Five Star Theater, Feb. 13, 1933

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