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Monday, September 24, 2007

Limerick of the . . . Month

It is great fun to teach Greiner v. Greiner as a companion case to Kirksey v. KirkseyVive le difference! 

Still, I didn't teach the case last year, perhaps because I had not written a Limerick for it.  This year, I have attempted to correct that slight to this most deserving case.  I'm not all that happy with the Limerick.  The Limerick is true to the decision, in that it treats it as a promissory estoppel case, but it's hard to see why the court did not simply find a binding promise supported by consideration. 

Greiner v. Greiner

At wheat-sowing time, in a bank,
Maggie promised some acreage to Frank.
"He did nothing for me!"
Averred Maggie, with glee.
For his land Frank has Corbin to thank.

[Jeremy Telman]

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