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Friday, September 7, 2007

In the News: September 7

Chinese oil companies have inked two 20-year contracts to buy liquefied natural gas from Australian fields; the $52 billion estimate (about $43 billion U.S.) makes it Australia’s largest export deal ever.

Speaking of China, America’s Fluor Corp. has won a $1 billion contract to provide engineering, design, and construction management services for a new polysilicon plant in Xinyu City.

The former CEO of Pomeroy IT Solutions, fired for unspecified reasons following an internal legal investigation, has sued the company, claiming breach of contract, promissory estoppel, and fraud.

The ex-host of a Catholic TV talk show is suing her co-host (a 94-year-old retired archbishop) and their network for breach of contract for breach of contract, claiming that she was fired because she remarried without getting an annulment in violation of Catholic teaching.

An Iowa jury has awarded a Sioux City businessman $10 million in damages for the breach of a contract to manage a casino. The defendant argued that the deal had never been consummated because the parties had not intended to be bound until the final written agreement was signed.

Romania says it’s planning to sue Britain’s BAE Systems for failing to live up to its half of a contract under which Romania bought two pre-owned British naval vessels for £116 million.

Taxpayers in Queensland are making noise about a $900,000 contract the Brisbane government awarded to a history professor to write a sesquicentennial history of the state; the contract was not put out for bids.

More of Asia’s most successful publicly traded companies are based in India (12) than anywhere else, according Forbes Magazine’s annual Fabulous 50 survey; four of them are IT outsourcing businesses.

An Idaho hospital has been socked with a $63.5 million verdict for backing out of a contract with a radiology firm.

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