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Thursday, September 6, 2007

In the News: September 6

The rich get richer.  Singer/actress Jennifer Lopez had her $545,000 breach of contract arbitration award against her ex-husband -- an immigrant waiter who represented himself pro se -- confirmed by a California court.

Aa_2 Some residents of Buffalo are demanding stricter enforcement of the city’s Living Wage Law. The city sets minimum wages that contractors who do business with it must pay workers, but it’s paying less to its own seasonal work force.

Japan Airlines has decided to sell its hangars at Japanese airports and lease them back; it expects to make ¥10 billion, or about $87 million.

The manager of Britain’s Arsenal soccer team has signed a new contract which will pay him about $8 million a year. Soccer must be pretty big over there.

The employment contract of new Qwest Communications CEO Edward Mueller contains a provision that allows his family to use the firm’s corporate jet to commute from company headquarters back to his home in California.  His daughter can use the plane to get back and forth to her California high school.

The government of Kazakhstan says that the big Italian oil company Eni is on the verge of breaching its contract to develop the country’s oilfields. Eni says it may take two more years and $80 billion more than the contract price to get the job done.

[Frank Snyder]

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