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Monday, September 24, 2007

In the News: September 24

New York Yankees shortstop Alex Rodriguez says he doesn’t know anything at all about a reported deal being discussed between his agent and the Chicago Cubs, which would net him a $300 million contract that would include a piece of the team.

Aa_2 General Motors workers are out on strike for the first time in 37 years after the union-imposed deadline for a new contract passed. The strike will reportedly cost GM more than 12,000 vehicles a day, and will force shutdowns in Canada and Mexico as well.

The former drummer of Eighties punk band the Ramones is suing Apple and Wal-Mart claiming that they never got licenses for downloads of six songs he wrote for the group.

U.K. employers who object to garish tattoos, multiple face-piercings, crude T-shirt slogans, and "revealing" among their employees are entering a potential minefield, say HR specialists, who say that blanket bans on such things in the work force may be discriminatory.

A Kansas City construction company that went out of business after it didn’t paid on a construction job is suing the bank that promised to make the construction loan, apparently claiming that it relied on a bank official’s promise that the loan would be forthcoming.

The other shoe has dropped in Seattle, where city officials formally filed their long-threatened lawsuit to compel the Seattle SuperSonics basketball team to continue playing at Key Arena.

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