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Monday, August 27, 2007

New Feature: "Teaching Assistants"

This week, we are introducing a new weekly (we hope) feature on the blog.  "Teaching Assistants" will summarize and discuss a piece of scholarship that is useful in the contracts classroom.  The target audience for this column will be contracts profs who, like your humble author, do not specialize in contracts scholarship and are still working their way through the literature, as well as students and other devotees of the blog.

The idea is to highlight some scholarship, mostly not of recent vintage, that shows up in the "for more on this topic" notes that follow cases in our casebooks.  The columns will summarize the content of this scholarship, and discuss how it might be used in class or what students might get out of wading into the deep end of contracts scholarship.

While the column will likely focus on well-known and older essays, readers who are also authors and think their work relevant and useful in the first-year contracts setting should feel free to send offprints my way. 

[Jeremy Telman]

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