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Thursday, August 30, 2007

In the News

The U.S. is not the only country where the wheels of justice grind slowly. Take Malaysia, for example, where an architectural firm finally won contract damages for its firing from a major project after 19 years of litigation.

Two software giants are squaring off in a battle that involves claims of copyright violation and breach of contract. Oracle Corp. claims, among other things that Germany’s SAP breached contracts by hacking into Oracle’s system and stealing documentation and code.

Aa The man who bought Nantucket’s Dreamland Theater (left) for $6 million back in 2005 has allegedly failed to make payments on a $1 million note held by the sellers, who are suing for breach of contract.  Meanwhile, the buyer’s plans to renovate the decaying former Quaker meeting house have been held up by the town's approval process.

New Zealand Cricket is threatening contract actions against any of its players who try to jump to the new Indian Cricket League. The rebel ICL is a private venture that apparently seeks to get around control of the sport by national governing boards in various countries.

Internet provider Earthlink has backed out if its proposed contract with San Francisco to provide free Wi-Fi for the city.  Snags with the city's Board of Supervisors apparently held up contract finalization long enough to let Earthlink out of the deal, which it had apparently concluded wasn't going to be economically viable.

The family of a Toronto couple killed in a Mexican hotel room is suing the tour operator for, among other things, breach of contract, claiming that the operator should have warned the couple that Mexico was less safe than other tourist destinations and for misrepresenting hotel security.

Some English soccer clubs are interested in star Ronaldinho, who plays for Barcelona -- but one problem seems to be that it would cost £83 million (about $167 million at today's exchange rates) to buy out his current contract.

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