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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ack

Aaa Sorry to have been gone such a long time, but it's been a rugged year.  Back in February I had an altercation with a big quarter horse named Moses -- I thought I'd ride him and he thought differently.  He won the argument.  I wound up with a broken humerus, a broken ulna, and an acromion bone (the one that sits at the top of the shoulder) that was busted into five equal pieces, the result of going shoulder first into a stout fence post.

Three surgeries, a bunch of metal plates and screws, and a ton of big blue pills later, I'm back at nearly full speed, though I was out of the office (and literally unable even to type) for several months.

For those readers who sent me interesting links and other stuff over that time and never heard from me, I'm sorry.  Please send it again if it's still timely.  For those who didn't send anything, please keep your eyes open.  If you see something that you think will be interesting to other readers, send it along.

Hope all your summers are going swimmingly!

[Frank Snyder]

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