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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Conference: We Love Lucy

Aaa This year is the 90th annivarsary of Judge Cardozo's opinion in Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon, and it will be marked this fall with a conference at Pace Law School in White Plains, New York.  Jim Fishman (Pace) is the organizer, and the proceedings will be published in a special issue of the Pace Law Review.

Click on the "continue reading" link for the tentative program, which should be interesting not only to contracts scholars but to fashionistas. , since it will feature a wealth of detail about the fashion designer known as "Lucile" and the world in which she lived.

[Frank Snyder]


Pace University School of Law
November 8th and 9th 2007

Keynote Speaker
Joseph Perillo (Fordham), Editor, Corbin on Contracts
“Neutral Standardizing Of Contracts”


Implication, Interpretation and Default Terms
Peter Linzer (Houston)
     “Implication and Its Discontents”
Nicholas Weiskopf (St. John’s)
     “Wood v. Lucy: The Overlap between Interpretation and
Yong-Sung (Jonathan Kang) (U. Washington),
      “Our Understanding of Implied Terms, Imperfectly Expressed”
Melvin Aron Eisenberg (Cal-Berkeley), Commentator

Wood v. Duff Gordon as a Teaching Vehicle
Deborah Zalesne (CUNY),
     “Integrating Academic Skills into First Year Curricula:  Using
     Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon to Teach Fact Identification and
     Fact Analysis”
Miriam Cherry (Pacific)
     “Lucy, Lady Duff Gordon: (Social) Class in the Classroom”
Deborah Post (Touro)
     “Teaching Contract as Commitment: Lucy Lady Duff Gordon
     and Promises ‘Instinct with Obligation’”
Celia Taylor, (Denver)
     “Teaching Ethics in Context: Using Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff
in the First Year Curriculum.”

Lucile as a Fashion Designer and Feminist
Rebecca Matheson
(Costume Inst., Metropolitan Museum of Art)
     “'Creator of Fashions’: Lady Duff-Gordon in Her Own Words”
Molly Sorkin (Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology)
     “After the Verdict: Lady Duff-Gordon and the Fate of Lucile, Ltd.”
Lewis Orchard (Fashion Designer & Lucile, Ltd. Collector)
     “Lady Duff-Gordon: An Edwardian Designer in a Modern Context”
Lourdes Font (Fashion Institute of Technology),
     “Teaching Lucile: Rethinking the Canon of Fashion History”

The Case in Context
Andrew Tettenborn
     “What It’s Worth to Do Your Best”
Larry DiMatteo (Florida)
     “Cardozo as a Talisman for a New Age of Contract Interpretation"
Meredith Miller (Touro)
     “A picture of the New York Court of Appeals at the Time of
     Wood v. Lucy Lady Duff-Gordon
Megan Richardson (Melbourne)
      “Wood v. Lucy Duff-Gordon and the Cult of Personality”
Monroe Friedman (Hofstra)
     “Lucy’s Case and Positive Unconscionability”
Victor Goldberg (Columbia), Commentator
Walter F. Pratt (South Carolina), Commentator

Implication and Best Efforts in the Employment Context
Robert Bird
     “An Employment Contract ‘Instinct with an Obligation’:
     Costs and Contexts”
Rachel Arnow-Richman (Denver)
     “Good Faith, Reasonable Notice and Indefinite Contracts:
     Re-Imagining Employment as a Bilateral Relationship”
Emily Gold Waldman (Pace)
     “Fulfilling Lucy’s Legacy: Recognizing Good-Faith Obligations
     Within Explicit Job Duties”
Kenneth Dau-Schmidt (Indiana), Commentator

There will be a virtual tour of the exhibit “Designing the It Girl: Lucile and her Style” organized by the Museum of the Fashion Institute of Technology, March 1-April 4, 2005

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