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Monday, April 30, 2007

Limerick of the Week

Clint_eastwood The end is near!!  Not only is the semester (and for some readers, the first year of law school) nearly over.  But I am almost out of Limericks.  Contracts Limericks, that is.  I still have a boatload of business associations Limericks (bwahaha!), but those will have to appear on a different blog, I suppose.

So, where would contracts profs be without celebrity contracts?  I mean, is there anything more certain to promote student interest than a law suit featuring Clint Eastwood?  Can any contract prof resist inviting Sondra Locke to ask herself, "Do I feel lucky?"  And then add, "Well do ya, punk?"  Now that's educatin'!  Of course, the time may eventually come when referencing "Dirty Harry" is about as hip as referencing "True Grit."  It's already quite hard to get students to care much about Shirley MacLaine.  And I think this is one reason why Sullivan v. O'Connor has dropped out of most casebooks.  On the other hand, in a few years, it should be possible to build an entire curriculum around Anna Nicole Smith.

Locke v. Warner Brothers

There once was an actress named Locke
Whose Ratboy is said to be schlock
Old Clint and Warner
Thought they could scorn her
In bad faith.  Now they're in hock.

[Jeremy Telman]

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