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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Revised Article 1 Legislative Update (2/1)

Three quick updates to my 1/29 posting about Revised Article 1:

1. Utah SB 91 has been replaced with a substitute bill that abandons uniform R1-301 in favor of language tracking pre-Revised 1-105.  Substitute SB 91 also eschews the unitary good faith standard of uniform R1-201(b)(20) in favor of the bifurcated good faith standard in pre-Revised 1-201(19) & 2-103(1)(b).

2. Informed sources report that South Dakota SB 85 will soon be amended to replace uniform R1-301 with language tracking pre-Revised 1-105.

3. Florida has joined the fray with parallel bills -- SB 252 and HB 151.  The texts of the two bills are identical.  Both reject uniform R1-301 and embrace uniform R1-201(b)(20).

[Keith A. Rowley]

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