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Friday, February 23, 2007

Launch Control, this is Houston. We are go for launch!

Well, as last year, the weather for the annual International Contracts Conference threatens to be rainy. Nevertheless, it looks like a promising line up today here in Houston:

Panel One: Transactional Economics: Victor Goldberg’s Framing Contract Law Moderator: Franklin G. Snyder Commentators: Mark A. Gergen Stewart Macaulay Keith A. Rowley Respondent: Victor P. Goldberg

Panel Two: Theoretical Perspectives
Moderator: Keith A. Rowley
Aditi Bagchi, Imperfect Rights in Private Law
Daniel Markovits, Some Core Challenges for Contract Theory
Michael Pratt, Promises in Law and Morality
Hanoch Sheinman, Contracts and Promises

Panel Three: Issues in Contract Remedies
Moderator: Deborah Zalesne
Miriam A. Cherry, The Strange Tale of Trover the Dog
Chaim Saiman, Restitution in America
Stephen A. Smith, Substituionary Damages

Panel Four: Transactions and Costs
Moderator: Peter Linzer
Christian A. Johnson, Contractual Innovations Developed by the OTC Derivatives Industry: Amending Contracts to Deal with Systemic Industry Changes
Margaret L. Moses, Lowering Transaction Costs in Commercial Letters of Credit
Val D. Ricks, Syndicate Short Covering -- A Transaction Cost?
Peter L. Fitzgerald, International Contracting Practices Survey Project

[Meredith R. Miller]

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