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Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just How Much is Becks Worth, Anyway?

Apparently there is some confusion about how much exactly David Beckham is getting paid now that he's taken up with the Los Angeles Galaxy team.  According to this story:

David Beckham's playing contract with the Loas Angeles Galaxy is worth about $27.5 million in base salary over five seasons, according to a person familiar with Major League Soccer agreements.  It's a fraction of the $250 million income figure floated for the English star when he agreed to the deal last month. . . . Beckham's contract, according to several people familiar with the details, is a complex and probably unique arrangement that gives the 31-year-old midfielder a percentage of club sponsorship, merchandizing and uniform sales contracts. Promotional arrangements also are included.

Perhaps it's just hard to pin down exactly how much Becks will being paid with these various factors, but according to the article, it's far and above what other soccer players will receive.  Sports is still one of those "winner take all" compensation arenas in many aspects (although this has come under criticism, along with CEO pay, in recent years).

[Miriam Cherry]

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