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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Contract Rider: No Shaking The Hips

Here's a story that (1) has Elvis rolling over in his grave and (2) restores the inspiration in the movie FootlooseHarding University hosted a performance by Robert Randolph & The Family Band.  During the band's set they played their song Shake Your Hips and encouraged audience participation -- dancing on the stage.  Zach Neal, the University's Director of Campus Life, "was concerned about the 'spirit of rebellion'" and the band's breach of contract:

"We have a specific rider that spells out expectations," [David Burks, the President of the University] said. "They expressly violated it when [Randolph] repeatedly invited people on stage."

Though the contract says nothing regarding inviting students on stage, the contract does state that "The school permits no dances."

Neal said the school will not pursue legal action, but will make the contract clearer for future bands, including a "no students allowed on the stage" clause.

It wasn't only about the no dancing rule; Neal did also express concern for the equipment on the stage.  And this concern appears warranted in light of this video of the event.

[Meredith R. Miller]

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