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Monday, January 8, 2007

Limerick of the Week

Okay, I'll be honest.  I've posted all of my contracts Limericks that I think are ready for prime time.  And, at Valparaiso, Spring semester is the off-season for contracts, so I'm mostly working on developing my beer belly at this point.  So, this semester, I will be sharing works in progress in the hopes that some of you can suggest ways to improve these Limericks.  In addition, if any of you out there have a favorite case that I have not yet written about, I am willing to take requests.

Knapp, et al. start their book with a case call Burch v. Second Judicial District.  It introduces students to a number of topics to which we return later in the course, but the posture of the case is a bit odd, as its a mandamus case, which is a confusing way to being the first semester of law school.  Then again, at least it's not Pennoyer.

If you don't think to file for mandamus,
Your client may shout, "Ignoramus!"
Now after appeal,
The Burches can squeal
"We may not be rich but we're famous!"

Well, they get to squeal only if they realize that their case will be the first in a first-year contracts casebook. Ahem.

[Jeremy Telman}

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