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Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Interesting Exchanges in the Virginia Law Review

Uva The most recent issue of the Virginia Law Review is a Symposium issue on Contemporary Political Theory and Private Law.  It includes two fascinating exchanges on contract law theory.  Barbara Fried provides comments on Daniel Markovits' Article, "Making and Keeping Contracts." In resopnding to Michael Trebilcock and Jim Leng's "The Role of Formal Contract Law and Enforcement in Economic Development," Terrance O'Reilly's "Cotnract Theory on and off the Grid" assesses the applicability of dominant contracts law theories to non-Western societies.  His short essay discusses the approaches of Charles Fried, Thomas Scanlon, Melvin Eisenberg, Peter Benson, James Gordley, and Michael Trebilcock.  Fun stuff!

[Jeremy Telman]

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