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Monday, November 20, 2006

A $51 Million Conversation

Bostonredsoxlogo I was a bit perplexed when I read that the Boston Red Sox had agreed to pay $51 million just for the right to talk with Japanese pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka.  But National Public Radio has set me straight.  The Red Sox apparently paid for exclusive rights to negotiate with Matsuzaka.  If at the end of 30 days, the negotiations do not yield a deal that will have Yankee fans crying into their spilt milk, the Red Sox get their money back.  In short, the infield fly rule applies to these negotiations.

Poor Boston.  With their luck, they will succeed in getting Matsuzaka, but since the Chicago Cubs have just re-signed Aramis Ramirez and look like they are going to land Alfonso Soriano, the Cubs will now be absolutely unbeatable in 2007. 

If I may use the vernacular.  That's right, baby! The Cubs in 2007.  An absolute lock! *

You read it here first. 

[Jeremy Telman]

*The Contracts Prof Blog and Jeremy Telman make no guarantee as to the accuracy of any of the predictions contained in this post.  If there is any doubt as to the accuracy of any claim or information in this post, the reader is responsible for verifying same against an alternative source.  This post will be subject to periodic revision from April through October 2007 with the full expectation that it and all cache copies of it will be deleted permanently in October 2007 along with a box or two of tissues and one broken heart.

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