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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Weekly Top 10

Ssrn_1 Lots of things to be thankful for as we head into the Thanksgiving break, not least of which are a slew of interesting papers -- stuff we guarantee you'll enjoy reading a lot more than the essays that will soon be coming your way.  Following are the top ten most-downloaded new papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the 60 days ending November 19, 2006.  good work to be thankful for this week as we head into Lots of good stuff in this week's Top 10 as we head into the Tha

1 (2) Hoffman v. Red Owl Stores and the Myth of Precontractual Reliance, Robert E. Scott (Columbia).

2 (3) Antitrust and Regulation, Dennis W. Carlton (Chicago-Business) & Randal C. Picker (Chicago).

3-tie (4) Friendship & the Law, Ethan J. Leib (Cal-Hastings).

3-tie (8) To Make or to Buy: In-House Lawyering and Value Creation, Steven L. Schwarcz (Duke).

5 (5) Governing Innovative Collaboration: A New Theory of Contract, Matthew Jennejohn (Columbia).

6 (6) The Cost of Norms: Tax Effects of Tacit Understandings, Alex Raskolnikov (Columbia).

7 (7) The Public Responsibility of Structured Finance Lawyers, Steven L. Schwarcz (Duke).

8 (10) Party Autonomy in the Private International Law of Contracts: Transatlantic Convergence and Economic Efficiency, Giesela Ruehl (Max Planck Institute).

9 (-) A Good Faith Revival of Duty of Care Liability in Business Organization Law, Carter G. Bishop (Suffolk).

10 (-) The Market for Contracts, Geoffrey P. Miller (NYU).

[Frank Snyder]

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