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Friday, October 13, 2006

Know When to Hold 'Em

Poker Jamie Gold won $12 million is the recent World Series of Poker.  But Chief District Judge Hardcastle has signed a TRO preventing Gold from picking up his winnings. 

According to news reports, Bruce Crispin Leyser has filed a complaint claiming entitlement to half of Gold's winnings.   Leyser claims that he and Gold had an agreement whereby they would cooperate to find celebrities to wear Bodog merchandise at the World Series of Poker.  In return, Bodog would pay the $10,000 entry fee for one of them in the World Series.  Since only one of the two could pay, according to Leyser, the two men agreed to split the winnings. 

Leyser claims to have a recording of a telephone conversation with Gold in which Gold promises to pay Leyser half of his winnings.  According to Leyser, Gold is a gambler.  Flush with cash, he might go straight to a casino.  Hence the need for a TRO.

Thanks to my student, Jeff Lehrman, for alerting me to the story.

[Jeremy Telman]

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