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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Blog Juiced

America is, if nothing else, the land of ratings.  Whether it's a TV show or a toaster, there's somebody out there who'll give you a ranking.  It's naturally interesting to know that Maria Sharapova is the World's 27th Sexiest Woman, and that Pittsburgh is the World's 39th Most Livable City, but what about something really important, like blogs?

Well, the good folks at Blog Juice are already on the job.  They've got a handy automatic calculator that can help you determine just how great your favorite blogs are, with their Blog Juice Calculator.  Check it out.

Turns out that ContractsProf has a Blog Juice rating of 4.8.  We're not sure whether that's good or bad, exactly.  As of the moment we're tied with The Poker Chronicles, a point or two behind The Cancer Blog, but well ahead of Climate Crisis.  Halfway between cancer and global warming sounds about right for a blog on contract law, I suppose.

[Frank Snyder]

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