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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

An Ad for Corlies & Tifft

Aab_36 Well, sort of.  Here's an ad (click to enlarge) for John W. Corlies & Co., the entity actually involved in the case.  Corlies was involved in a number of mercantile businesses over the years.  He later went into partnership with Jonathan Neville Tifft.  After the French occupation of Mexico and the proclamation of the Empire, Corlies & Tifft were apparently employed as American agents running guns to the rebels under Benito Juárez.

When the American Civil War ended and the U.S. Government recognized the Juárez government, Corlies & Tifft became agents for the rebel government, negotiating loans on its behalf.  Prior to this, the firm had its offices at 32 Dey Street in New York, well north of the heart of the financial district.  The new business with Mexico led the firm to open new banking offices at 57 Broadway, near Exchange Place, only a block from the Stock Exchange.  It was these offices that Samuel P. White was to be hired to fit out in September 1865.  After the fall of Maximilian, became the regular financial representatives in New York for the Mexican government until Tifft's death in 1885.

[Frank Snyder]

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