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Friday, September 29, 2006

New Legal Profession Blog

Jeff_lipshaw_2 We're delighted to note the addition of a great new blog to the Law Professor Blog Network, which features (among others) Tulane contracts prof Jeff Lipshaw.(left).  The new Legal Profession Blog aims to explore the boundary (or perhaps "no fly zone"?) between the law schools and the practicing bar.  Lipshaw, who before he became an academic was a law firm partner and general counsel of a Fortune 500 company, knows that line better than most.  His colleagues include procedure scholar Alan Childress (George Washington) and Michael Frisch, who is General Counsel to Georgetown University.

There are several good posts there already, including a good discussion of the New York State Bar's consideration of the question whether lawyer blogs should be considered "advertising," and Lipshaw's advice to new graduates on how to be successful.  (Note:  It's not brown-nosing and stabbing your colleagues in the back.) 

Rather shockingly, Lipshaw reveals that he does not drink at lunch, even when the martinis are a dime each, which means that New Orleans is apparently wasted on him.

[Frank Snyder]

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