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Friday, August 18, 2006

Riveting Boilerplate

Aaa_64 For some reason, you almost never see the words "exciting" and "boilerplate" in the same sentence.  Robert Ahdieh (Emory) wants to remedy that situation, in a new paper, The Strategy of Boilerplate, forthcoming in the Michigan Law Review.  It's a big job, but he's the guy to do it.  Here's the abstract:

Boilerplate can be exciting. It is this, perhaps hard-to-swallow, proposition that the present analysis attempts to convey. Particularly in invoking the work of Thomas Schelling on the role of focal points in coordination games, it offers what can be characterized as a "strategic" theory of boilerplate, in which boilerplate plays an active, even aggressive, role.

Contrary to the relatively inert quality of boilerplate implied by conventional treatments in the legal literature, boilerplate may serve essential signaling and coordination functions in contract bargaining. In appropriate circumstances, its proposed usage may be a valuable weapon in the arsenal of a bargaining party, helping it to secure negotiating advantage and success over its counterparty.

[Frank Snyder]

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