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Wednesday, August 9, 2006

Looking a Gift Cow in the Mouth?

An angry widow is suing her dance instructors for a refund of her lesson fees, after one of them called her a "fat cow" and told her to "move her arse" at a dance club.

This wouldn't be of much interest, except that the widow is wealthy and powerful Mimi Monica Wong, the top private banker for HSBC Bank in Hong Kong, the instructors include Gaynor Fairweather, MBE, a 14-time world champion generally regarded as the greatest female Latin dancer of all time, and the contract was an eight-year, $15 million dollar deal.  Wong is suing for the return of her money, while the instructors are seeking the balance due on the deal.

Much of the commentary seems to be about the extraordinarily large amount that Fairweather was paid for eight years of unlimited lessons and competitions.  But how much would you have to pay, say, Martina Navratilova for eight years of unlimited tennis lessons and playing as your partner in any doubles competition you chose?

[Frank Snyder]

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