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Tuesday, June 6, 2006

Speaking of Faustian Bargains . . .

. . . how about the contract written in blood that's now before a court in Orange County, California?  In the case, Jinsoo Kim says he invested $170,000 in a business owned by Stephen Son.  While the two were at a bar, Son wrote out a promise to repay the money in his own blood.  Son now says that the promise isn't enforceable because he wrote he would repay "to the best of my ability."

Fordham's Joe Perillo is quoted by the AP as saying it's the first contract written in human blood he's run across in forty years of reading contract cases.  And he's read a lot of cases.

[Keith Rowley points out that he blogged on this case earlier, which is what comes from me being out of touch for a week.]

[Frank Snyder]

[Frank: Some of us have been -- or at least have been accused of being -- "out of touch" for much more than a week.  <g>  Anyway, your link was to a beefier version of the story than mine.  Keith]

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