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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Sex, Truculence, and Alpacas

The June 2006 issue of the ABA Journal devotes a column in its "Obiter Dicta" section to a pending case in Indiana in which the owner (Cathy Crosson) of a registered female alpaca (Peruvian Lily) is suing the owner (Larry Johnson) of a registered male alpaca (Snowmass Casanova) for breach of contract over an alleged date-and-switch.  Crosson claims that Johnson substituted another male alpaca for Snowmass Casanova and that Johnson refuses to disclose the identity of Casanova's stand-in, preventing Crosson from registering the baby.  How does Crosson know that the baby is not Casanova's offspring, you might ask?  She alleges that a blood test has ruled out Casanova as the sire.  The ABA Journal reports that Crosson, who complains that Johnson "is merely being truculent," is seeking specific performance.  (I wonder whether anyone has asked Peruvian Lily how she feels about it.)  Unfortunately, the ABA Journal in not readily available online.  Here's a link to a somewhat shorter story about the affair.

[Keith Rowley]

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