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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Contracts Limerick

We all know the fascination that contracts profs have with poetry (it dates back at least as far as Karl Llewelyn).  For the past couple semesters at the two institutions where I have taught, I’ve run a poetry contest for my contracts class.  I’m sure that many of us have our particular favorites (written either by ourselves, from our law school days, or from our students).   

Over at the VC, Todd Zywicki recently posted the following contracts limerick, written by a student in his contracts class:

An ode to Cricket Alley Corp. v. Data Terminal Systems                        


DTS sold registers to Cricket’s

To automate bookkeeping wickets.

The shop owner said, “Dang!

These won’t talk to my Wang.

We’re stuck with hand entered sales tickets.”


Cricket’s needs were expressed or implied.

On salesmen’s claims Cricket had relied.

Damage was foreseeable

And so we’re agreeable

Consequence relief can’t be denied.

Enjoy.  If anyone has any funny contracts poetry that they’d like to send me, feel free….

[Miriam Cherry]

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