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Monday, April 24, 2006

Blogs and Scholarship

Aaa_28 Do blogs by law professors count as "scholarship"?  Some argue that they should, even though my dean counts it as "service."  (At my law school, "service" need not actually result in any benefit to anyone, which is why faculty committee work also counts.)

But whether or not they're "scholarship," blogs are certainly getting cited.  Ohio State law student Ian Best (top left) on his blog 3L Epiphany, is compiling a list.  He's found some 70 blogs that have been cited, many repeatedly.  Douglas Berman's Sentencing Law & Policy blog -- part of our Law Professor Blogs Network -- has been cited 60 times in law journals, the most of any blog.  You can see Best's list here.

ContractsProf is tied for the nineteenth most-cited blog ("We're top twenty!"), with a total of, well, two citations.  One of them was by Bob Hillman, who in a recent Michigan Law Review article quoted an "Anonymous" comment on this blog.  If you'd asked, Bob, I could have told you who the "Anonymous" was, and got my name in the Michigan Law Review again.  My dean likes that.

Also on Best's site are interviews with two judge who have cited blogs in judicial opinions.  Particularly interesting are the comments of U.S. District Judge Richard Kopf, who notes that blogs allow academics doing cutting-edge work to make their stuff accessible to judges and practitioners at a practical leve. 

[Frank Snyder]

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