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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Yep, We're Incredibly Popular

Aaa_7 True, our students may not want to listen to us in class -- preferring to surf the Internet, play solitaire, or even feign illness and not show up at all -- but on the Internet we're obviously very popular.  Very popular indeed.  A new list of the 25 Most Popular Law Blogs by Pepperdine's brilliant, charming, and charismatic Roger Alford shows ContractsProf Blog in the top 20 most-popular law-related blogs.

Okay, everyone knows that when you say you're in the "top 20" you obviously weren't in the "top 10."  And to some extent being the most popular law-related blog is like being the tallest building in Tuna, Texas.  And the list only includes those blogs that make visit figures available.  So?  We'll all put it in our annual reports to our deans anyway.

A 3L at Ohio State has put together a list of 500 law-related blogs which you can find here.

[Frank Snyder]

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