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Monday, March 27, 2006

Weekly Top 10

Ssrn_logo_51 There’s a new Number One this time, as we take our regular look at the Weekly Top Ten.  Following are the most-downloaded new papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the 60 days ending March 26, 3006.

1 (4) Contract as Statute, Stephen J. Choi (NYU) & G. Mitu Gulati (Georgetown).

2 (6) The Best Puffery Article Ever, David A. Hoffman (Temple).

3 (5) Bundling and Consumer Misperception, Oren Bar-Gill (NYU).

4 (7) Reading Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon with Help from the Kewpie Dolls, Victor P. Goldberg (Columbia).

5 (8) The Moral Impossibility of Contract, Peter A. Alces (Wm. & Mary).

6 (9-t) Contract Formation Issues in Employment Arbitration, Richard A. Bales (Northern Kentucky).

7 (9-t)  Modularity in Contracts: Boilerplate and Information Flow, Henry E. Smith (Yale).

8 (-) Adjusting the Rules: What Bankruptcy Reform Will Mean for Financial Market Contracts, Michael Krimminger (FDIC).

9 (-) Reputations, Relationships and the Enforcement of Incomplete Contracts, W. Bentley MacLeod (Columbia-Economics).

10 (-) Legal Default Rules: The Case of Wrongful Discharge Laws, W. Bentley MacLeod (Columbia-Economics) & Voraprapa Nakavachara (Southern Cal-Economics).

[Frank Snyder]

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