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Monday, March 13, 2006

Weekly Top 10

Ssrn_logo_49 Two new papers have landed on this week's Top Ten countdown.  Another popular federal procurement piece by chart regulars Steven Schooner and Christopher Yukins debuts in the third spot, while David Hoffman's take on the little-understood phenomenon of "puffing" makes its entrance at number ten.  Following are the top ten most-downloaded papers from the SSRN Journal of Contract and Commercial Law for the 60 days ending March 12, 2006.

1 (1) A Model Regime of Privacy Protection (Version 3.0), Daniel J. Solove (Geo. Washington) & Chris Jay Hoofnagle (EPIC).

2 (2) Law and the Rise of the Firm, Henry Hansmann (Yale), Reinier Kraakman (Harvard) & Richard C. Squire (Yale).

3 (-) Emerging Policy and Practice Issues (2005) , Steven L. Schooner & Christopher R. Yukins (Geo. Washington).

4 (3) Contract as Statute, Stephen J. Choi (NYU) & G. Mitu Gulati (Georgetown).

5 (4) Penalties and Optimality in Financial Contracts: Taking Stock, Michel A. Robe (American-Business), Eva-Maria Steiger (Humboldt-Berlin-Business) & Pierre-Armand Michel (Liege-Management).

6 (5) Directors' Duties in Failing Firms, Larry E. Ribstein (Illinois) & Kelli A. Alces (Gardner Carton & Douglas LLC).

7 (6) Legal Infrastructure, Judicial Independence, and Economic Development, Daniel Klerman (Southern Cal).

8 (7) Bundling and Consumer Misperception, Oren Bar-Gill (NYU).

9 (8) Choice, Consent, and Cycling: The Hidden Limitations of Consent, Leo Katz (Penn).

10-tie (-) The Best Puffery Article Ever, David A. Hoffman (Temple).

10-tie (9) Reading Wood v. Lucy, Lady Duff-Gordon with Help from the Kewpie Dolls, Victor P. Goldberg (Columbia).

[Frank Snyder]

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