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Thursday, March 23, 2006

The Most Lucrative Contract Ever for NYC: “Pedestrian Rest Stops”

As previously mentioned, the City of New York has entered into a lucrative contract with a Spanish company to provide 25 cent toilet pods in public locations throughout the city. Who would have guessed that toilet pods would be at the heart of “the most lucrative [contract] ever awarded,” estimated to generate at least $1 billion for the City over 20 years? This deal is a money maker for the City because the company will build and maintain all the amenities at no cost to the City and also build matching, sleek newsstands and bus shelters. Then, the company will pay the City a fee in exchange for the right to sell advertising on the toilet pods, newsstands and bus shelters.

A prototype was recently unveiled on a sidewalk in Brooklyn.  A N.Y. Times article describes the toilet pod and what you get for your quarter’s entrance fee:

The shiny, silver toilet is enclosed within a sleek, modern rectangle that is nearly as spacious as some studio apartments and topped with frosted pale green glass. It comes with a sink, mirror and disposable seat covers. Push a blue button for an extra flush, and a red button to report an emergency.

A quarter will secure entree to the inner sanctum for 15 minutes (with a 3-minute warning). Linger past that, and the door slides open again for the next occupant even if the current one is not quite done.

Not sure which quip more aptly celebrates the unveiling, either “contracts in everything” or “only in New York.”

[Meredith R. Miller]

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