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Monday, March 20, 2006

All the Lonely Baggage, Where Does it All Come From?

So I’ve been doing some travel to conferences recently – first to the spectacular, extraordinary, fabulous first annual International Contracts Conference, and then to Law & Humanities.  On one of these trips, my luggage was lost for about seven hours. 

I’m sad to report that I’m not alone in having had this happen.  A recent study has shown that thirty million bags (some of them conceivably alligator, see message directly below) go missing every year.  But, as a consumer, you do have some recourse if your bag goes astray:

“On domestic flights, the airline baggage liability is capped at $2,800 per person. For international flights, the limit is $9.07 per pound (or $20 per kilogram) for checked baggage, and $400 per person for carry-ons. You may need to produce receipts. If you have them, include copies in any documentation you send to the airline. You can purchase "excess valuation" protection if your checked baggage is worth more than these limits.”

Although I never visited it, there is a store that sells the items from lost bags in Scottsboro, Alabama.  There is also now a website where you can purchase various items.  Just two words for you: Carry On.

[Miriam Cherry]

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